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Weber SmokeFire EX4 Gen 2 24-Inch Wi-Fi Enabled Wood Fired Pellet Grill

Weber SmokeFire EX4 Gen 2 Overview

Enjoy the SmokeFire difference with the innovative, brand-new Weber SmokeFire EX4 Gen 2 Pellet Grill. The DC-powered engine in the grill is designed to maintain temperatures that range from 200 to 600 degrees F. With this wide temperature range, the Weber SmokeFire EX4 Gen 2 is perfect for searing, baking, smoking and anything else in between.

We are not messing with you, this grill is the only one you will ever need. It is ideal for searing these delicious juicy steaks, slow smoking everybody’s favorite BBQ ribs, baking pizzas in it and pretty much, whatever you can think of!

The modern Weber Connect system makes grilling easier than ever. The built-in app is literally your step-by-step assistant cook. It will notify you via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when you should flip your food or when it is done. All of the notifications, such as temperature, time and controller output, are shown on the weather-resistant LCD display.

You can use the Weber Connect smartphone app to control the temperature of the SmokeFire Ex4 Gen 2 Pellet Grill. With its software updates, you can easily access the Smoke Boost feature. You can find all of these readouts (temperature, time, etc.) on the Weber Connect as well.

The Weber SmokeFire Gen 2 is made in the USA using globally sourced components, which stands out even more in the grill industry, specifically the pellet grill one. The huge hopper in it can hold up to 22 pounds of pellets at a time, which is ideal for all-day smoking.

Forget the feeling of worrying about running low on fuel – the Weber Connect will send you a notification every time when this is about to happen, so you can go and grab another bag of pellets. Another great feature this grill provides is the inclined auger, which runs at a variable speed in order to prevent jams.

If you are a fan of the classic more wood-fired taste, the Smoke Boost feature comes in hand to enhance the flavor of your meat.

The SmokeFire EX4 grill provides 672 square inches of cooking space with its distinctive dual-level plated steel cooking surface.

The body of the grilled is made of porcelain-enameled steel, which is not only extremely easy to clean but designed to last as well. The easy-clean system in the grill directs all the ashes and grease into a removable drawer.

The grill’s Flavorizer bars and its porcelain-enameled heat distribution plate ensure that you will not encounter any hot or cold spots during your cooking process. The exclusive porcelain-enameled finish retains heat and keeps your grill at specific temperatures.

The features do not stop here; Weber SmokeFire EX4 Gen 2 comes with a huge side table, made of stainless steel, with tool hooks. It also features a heavy-duty steel cart frame with 4 swivel casters – 2 of them can be locked.

You can use the hopper slide that is included in the grill to help the flow of pellets with a steeper angle. The temperature fluctuations can be decreased with the help of the welded chute. The grill includes even two meat probes for more precise temperature readings.

Product Features

Product Information:

  •   Model Number: 22510201
  •   UPC: 77924162763

Key Features:

  •   Temperature range from 200 to 600 degrees F
  •   672 square inches of dual grilling surface
  •   Porcelain-enameled finish, which prevents rusting and cracking over time
  •   DC-powered engine, that is designed to prevent auger jams
  •   Even heat distribution due to the Flavorizer bars
  •   Made in the USA
  •   Weber Connect mobile app, available through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth


  •   Width: 43 inches
  •   Depth: 33 inches
  •   Height: 47 inches
  •   Weight: 156 lbs


  •   Class: Practical
  •   Fuel type: Pellets
  •   Exterior Material: Porcelain Coated Steel
  •   Primary Color: Black
  •   Configuration: Freestanding
  •   Collection: SmokeFire


Weber SmokeFire Ex4 Gen 2’s cooking grates, burn pot, pellet slide, pellet grate, heat baffle and controller bezel are warranted for 3 years such as all the electrical components. The cook box and all the other grill components are warranted for 5 years.

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The Pros:

Weber SomeFire EX4 Gen 2 is one highly performing grill, which can definitely meet up your standards. What we absolutely love about this product is its wide temperature range – from 200 to 600 degrees F. This makes the grill ideal for searing, baking, smoking and anything else in between.

The 672 square inches of dual grilling surface can hold up to 15 burgers at once.

Another great feature, that customers ultimately love, is the DC-powered engine that is designed in such a way to prevent auger jams.

Weber SmokeFire EX4 Gen 2’s Flavorizer bars ensure that the heat is distributed evenly across your grill so you do not have to worry about any hot or cold spots.

Probably the greatest feature is the Weber Connect smartphone app, which allows you to control the temperature of the grill and sends you important notifications.

If you are a smoke-flavor-loving guy, then the Smoke Boost feature that enhances the flavor of your meat, will be your favorite feature from now on!

The Cons:

 The cons of this grill are that the mobile app can be a bit finicky at times and the grill produces more ash than most other pellet grills.


For its price, considering all the features that this grill provides and the insignificant cons, the Weber SmokeFire EX4 Gen 2 Wood Fired Pellet Grill is one amazing grill that is definitely a worthy investment. 

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