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Pit Boss 77700 Copperhead 7 Series 29-inch Vertical Pellet Smoker Product Review

Pit Boss 77700 Wood Pellet Smoker is specially designed to handle a broad temperature range. It provides consistent temperatures and can be up and cooking for up to 24 hours!

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pit Boss 77700

Pit Boss 77700 Copperhead 7 Series Vertical Pellet Smoker Overview

The Pit Boss Copperhead 7 Series Vertical Pellet Smoker comes with a huge amount of innovative and extremely easy to use features that will get you smoking like a true Boss in no time.

You can choose to smoke low and slow or to crank up the heat, which can go from 150 to 450 degrees F with the amazing up to 24 hours of pellet-fueled cooking time.

The vertical pellet smoker provides 2059 square inches of cooking surface that is over 6 porcelain-coated and easily height-adjustable cooking racks. The cold-rolled steel cabinet, which is in fact – double-walled, has a hammer tone copper with an enormously high-heat coating.

A solid latch securely seals the door shut. The door itself features a huge viewing window with an amazing external heat indicator, which helps you monitor what is going on with your food, without having to sacrifice any smoke or heat from breaking the seal.

Firing up the Pit Boss Copperhead 7 Series is a no brainer due to the automatic prime function, which mechanically ignites the pellets within the grill, using a 300-watt igniter and a fan-forced draft.

You can easily set temperatures with the help of the front-panel control knob. Due to the digital LED readout, you can monitor the temperature of the cabin, the programmed temperature and readouts for up to two wired meat probes. Keep in mind that only one meat probe is included with purchasing the Pit Boss Copperhead!

The 60-pound capacity pellet hopper has a side window for easily checking the fuel level. A hinged access door is featured for quick fill-up and a clean-out door so you can empty the remaining pellets when cleaning the smoker or changing any flavors.

The grill has a special removable water pan, which is mounted near the base of the cabinet that can be filled with your personal favorite marinades if you want to add an extra amount of flavor and keep your meat tender at any point of the process.

Cleaning the Copperhead 7 Series Vertical Smoker is extremely easy because of the grease tray that catches drippings. It is located at the bottom of the pellet smoker and slides in and out for maximum comfort.

The easy placement of the grill and its portability are ensured by a handle, 2 front swivel casters and 2 back locking swivel casters

pit Boss 77700

Product Features

Product Information:

  •   Model Number: 77700
  •   UPC: 684678483343

Key Features:

  •   Ideal temperature range for a smoker – between 150 and 450 degrees F
  •   An extremely large capacity hopper, made for long and extended cooks
  •   It is built of sturdy materials
  •   Features a large monitor so you can monitor your food
  •   2059 square inches of cooking surface
  •   Integrated removable water pan


  •   Width: 26.38 inches
  •   Depth: 24.02 inches
  •   Height: 47.64 inches
  •   Weight: 142 lbs


  •   Class: Practical
  •   Fuel type: Pellets
  •   Exterior Material: Painted Steel
  •   Primary Color: Copper
  •   Configuration: Freestanding
  •   Collection: Copperhead
  •   Smoker Type: Vertical
  •   Cooking Racks: 6


The Pit Boss 77700 Copperhead 7 Series Vertical Pellet Smoker carries a 5-year limited warranty from the date of the purchase by the original owner. It warrants against defects in workmanship and materials on all parts including the electrical components within the smoker.

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pit Boss 77700

The Pros

The Pit Boss 77700 Copperhead is a true Boss in the smoker area. It has so many features that it is hard to decide where to begin with!

The smoker has porcelain-coated grates, a drip pan and a deflector!

Its temperatures range from 150-to-450 degrees, which is ideal for smoking.

Six removable and height-adjustable grates are featured with the product that provide a total of 2059 square inches of cooking surface.

This amazing smoker is built from high-quality materials and has a great freestanding construction.

The high-capacity wood pellet hopper keeps you cooking for up to 24 hours!

pit Boss 77700

The Cons

The main con of the product is that it needs to be cleaned after every single cooking session.

Another thing that some customers might find as a disadvantage is that it features only one remove meat probe although the cooking surface is enormously big.

pit Boss 77700


If you need a smoker cabinet but you are a fan of the convenience that wood pellet grills/smokers provide, then the astounding Pit Boss 77700 Wood Pellet Smoker is a great investment. With it you can cold smoke, do traditional BBQ and even bake food up to 450 degrees! That is exactly why this amazing product has a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon!

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