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5 Best Kamado Grills 2022

Updated June 2022

Are you looking to take your grilling game to the next level this year? Or even if you’re just getting started, here are the top 5 highest reviewed kamado grills for you to check out. We’ve listed their best features, star ratings & a handy review from a verified purchaser.
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Blaze 20-Inch



Kamado Joe Big Joe II



Kamado Joe Big Joe III



Weber Summit 24-Inch Kamado



Kamado Joe Joe Jr





12mm thick stainless steel cooking grate retains heat and helps you achieve an excellent sear

400 square-inches of cooking area

Can be ready to cook on in 15 minutes

Heavy duty stainless steel cart and shelves add convenient workspace and provide mobility

The Blaze Kamado grill also boasts an innovative lid seal that is superior to ceramic kamado-style grills

Unique tongue and groove design provides an exceptional seal with no heat loss

Solid cast aluminum construction offers superior durability and outstanding temperature control

The lid hinge is made from 304 grade stainless steel and features a convenient lift assist for easy opening and closing

The bottom of the firebox holds a removable stainless steel ash pan with handles for easy cleanup

The top exhaust vent is made from molded cast aluminum for precise heat control and will not slip out of position

Verified Purchaser Review: Modern tech meets Kamado for the win

This grill is a work of art, indestructible and works like a charm. The fit and finish is 5 star, machining is aircraft quality. It was a treat for me and it’s well worth every penny. It holds heat like a Boss and I mean it. I bought in November of 2021 and have only used it in Alaskan winter. it is the real deal. 100% would recommend. It’s between sizes of a “Green Egg Large and XL. Plenty bog enough for Turkey, Prime Rib, Brisket of smaller items for 6-8. Can’t wait to get the rotisserie kit and the indirect charcoal basket. I have the stainless handles and the stainless rolling cart. They are equally as well made. Forget the price and buy this grill. put it on your homeowners insurance and in your will because it will outlast you.



452 square-inches of cooking area

Can be ready to cook on in 15 minutes

1 ¼ inch thick ceramic holds heat & maintains temperature while keeping moisture in your food

Air lift hinge reduces lid weight by 96% so you can open & close with ease

Lid latch self activates when you close it, ensuring heat does not escape through the seal

Lid will also stay open in any desired position so you can cook with it partially open if you’d like

Cast aluminum top vent allows for consistent airflow & prevents rain from entering

Cook on two different levels at once or use split heat deflectors for indirect cooking & baking at the same time

Easier to clean with slide out ash drawer

Includes a grate gripper, ash tool, flexible cooking rack, accessory rack, a heat deflector, and ceramic feet

Verified Purchaser Review: Too Good (Feel Like I’m Cheating)

No spritzing, no injection, no fighting to maintain temps, no moisture pans, no wrapping, no adding more fuel, no adding more smoke, & no tricks (hacks) needed. 25 years of cooking smoked meats. The 1st cook everyone (17 ppl) said it was the best I’ve done and asked what did I do different. Feels like I’m cheating because no work required after the meat prep and temp setting. Game Changer!

best 5 kamado grills

Divide & Conquer cooking system means you have a 3-tiered grate setup, allowing for a larger cooking area up to 864 sq. inches

This generation of Kamados comes with a SloRoller insert developed by researchers at Harvard

SloRoller provides rolling & recirculating heat and smoke distribution

Amp firebox is made of heat-resistant ceramic plates for damage resistance

Charcoal basket lets you easily cleanup & conserve unused charcoal

Air lift hinge reduces lid weight by 96% so you can open & close with ease

Cast aluminum top vent allows for consistent airflow & prevents rain from entering

Easier to clean with slide out ash drawer

Includes powder coated aluminum side shelves, an analog thermometer, a 304 stainless steel latch and firebox ring, a wire mesh fiberglass gasket, grate gripper, an ash cleaning tool, 3 tiered cooking rack, 2 half moon cooking grids, 2 half moon heat deflectors, SloRoller insert, and Cart.

Verified Purchaser Review: Absolutely wonderful product

Packaging of this product was outstanding. I have used the Joe about 6 times so far and love everything about it . Definitely works as advertised. Food taste remarkable. Can’t say enough good things about this grill, professionally built, great hardware, easy to use. Did the green egg vs. Joe reviews and am glad I chose the Joe……..



452 square-inches of cooking area for grilling, smoking & searing

Two position charcoal grate can be raised for improved searing or lowered for smoking

Air insulated design allows grill to respond to temperature adjustments quickly

Stainless steel diffuser plate for indirect low temperature cooking

Includes a convenient work table with tool hooks and a charcoal storage bin

Made of premium-grade U. S. Steel coated with porcelain enamel inside and out

Summit Kamado grill features a double walled bowl and lid

Air is trapped between the double walls and acts as an insulator, retaining heat and keeping the temperature consistent for up to 12 hours on a single load of charcoal

Verified Purchaser Review: Kamado King

This Kamado is exactly what I have been looking for. It is very versatile. I primarily use it for smoking, but it does a great job for grilling too. It is super-efficient and I love that I never have to add more fuel in the middle of a long cook. Weber’s Customer Service was amazing from start to finish of my purchase. Thank you, Duane! The grill was delivered in perfect condition. Not a single scratch. It was very well packaged. It took me about 40 minutes to set up, but I took my time and was very careful not to over-torque or cross-thread any bolts. The grilling center is very sturdy and is high-quality. Weber hit a home run with this Kamado grilling center.



Lower price point than other Kamado grills with a lifetime warranty on all ceramic parts

149 square-inches of cooking area

Works as a grill, smoker & oven

Can be ready to cook on in 15 minutes

1 ¼ inch thick ceramic holds heat & maintains temperature while keeping moisture in your food

Handy stand to keep your kamado in place while cooking

Commercial-grade stainless steel hinged cooking grate that allows you to easily add more charcoal

Draft door allows you to control airflow and temperature

Monitor the built in thermometer to see cooking temperature, even when the lid is shut

Includes a free grate gripper, ash tool and heat deflector for indirect cooking

Verified Purchaser Review: Happy Joe Jr. Grilling

Shipped and received as promised, very well packaged on a wooden skid. Once we got it out of the packaging it was very easy to set up. Instructions are not great if you have not used one before. This little dude is fun and cooks very well. You need to remember that everything is on a smaller scale with the Joe Jr. It does not come up to temp quickly but you need to be careful as things start to move fast when it gets going. We have cooked meat, poultry and fish with outstanding results. Holds temp very well and uses very little charcoal. Very happy with the product, well made and looks great.

best 5 kamado grills

6 Considerations for the Best Kamado for You (A Buyer’s Guide)

Named after the Japanese word for ‘stove’, Kamado grills (also known as ceramic grills or egg grills), can be used both as a grill and a smoker, which makes them incredibly versatile. Whether you’re planning to have a BBQ party, looking to whip up a homemade pizza, or yearning for tandoori chicken, a Kamado grill can do it all.


Depending on the number of people you typically cook for, the type of food you’ll be cooking, and how often you’ll be using it, there are a number of factors to consider to ensure that you get the best Kamado for your needs. 


From construction quality to accessories included, size of the cooking area to multi-level cooking features, here are 6 key considerations to help you make the right choice.

best 5 kamado grills

1. Ceramic vs Insulated Steel

Kamado Joe Big Joe II 24-Inch Ceramic Grill
Kamado Joe Big Joe II 24-Inch Ceramic Grill

While Kamado grills are traditionally ceramic, which makes them excellent in heat retention, durable and resistant to rust, the material also makes them heavy and prone to getting chipped and cracked. 

If you’re planning on lugging it around frequently, a steel Kamado might be more practical as it’s lighter and less likely to crack when dropped. 

Kamado Joe’s Big Joe IIBig Joe III, and Joe Jr feature a thick-walled, heat-resistant 1¼-inch ceramic shell that helps to lock in smoke and moisture while grilling, while the Coyote Asado is constructed from high-grade ceramics that offer excellent heat retention for cooking at consistent temperatures for hours on end. 

For a steel Kamado, the Broil King Keg 5000 features an insulated double-walled steel body designed for efficient thermal convection and heat retention, weighing a mere 126 lbs compared to the Big Joe II which is slightly smaller in size but weighs almost three times more at 359 lbs.

2. Cooking Area

Kamado Joe Big Joe III 24-Inch Ceramic Kamado Grill
Kamado Joe Big Joe III 24-Inch

Picking the right-sized Kamado grill for your needs depends on two things: the number of people you typically cook for and the kind of food you usually cook. 

Small grills (measuring between 9.5 to 16 inches in diameter) are great for burgers, chicken, and fish, but if you’re looking to grill larger cuts of meat like brisket or a rack of ribs, you’ll need to go for the larger-sized Kamados.

For big grills, Kamado Joe’s Big Joe III 24” grill offers a generous cooking area of 864 square inches while Big Joe II’s 24” grill comes with a 452 square-inch cooking area. The insulated steel option, Broil King Keg 5000, measures 19 inches in diameter and offers 480 square inches of cooking area. 

If you’re considering a medium-sized grill, the Coyote Asado comes in at just under 20 inches in diameter with a total cooking area of 254 square inches. Where compact Kamado grills are concerned, Kamado Joe’s Joe Jr packs a ton of value and grilling power into its 13.5-inch diameter grill and 149 square inches of cooking area.

3. Grate Material

Kamado Joe Joe Jr Ceramic Grill
Kamado Joe Joe Jr Ceramic Grill

Stainless steel grates might be the preferred choice for durability, resistance to corrosion, and ease of cleaning, however, cast-iron grates are equally popular as they transfer heat better and provide a better sear, though they require more care to prevent rusting.

Porcelain enamelled steel grates are an alternative, but they lack the durability of stainless steel and don’t sear as well as cast iron.

Choose between the Coyote Asado’s sleek stainless steel diamond laser-cut cooking grate for great sear lines on your food and the Broil King Keg 5000’s heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grid for efficient and even heat distribution.

Or for a standard but reliable stainless steel grate, you can’t go wrong with Kamado Joe’s Big Joe IIBig Joe III, or Joe Jr, all of which feature a commercial-grade 304 stainless steel grate.

4. Multi-Cooking

Kamado Joe Big Joe III Divide and Conquer
Kamado Joe Big Joe III Divide & Conquer

Some Kamado grills are designed for cooking different foods at different temperatures simultaneously. This can be achieved with flexible cooking racks or heat deflector stones, which are wonderful for added versatility. They instantly transform a Kamado from a direct heat grill to a convection style oven or smoker. 

Named the “Divide & Conquer” Flexible Cooking System, Kamado Joe offers different versions of multi-cooking in their grills. In Big Joe II, you can cook on two different levels at the same time using the flexible cooking rack and the two split heat deflectors for indirect cooking and baking.

Big Joe III offers an expanded version of the Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System. Its 3-tiered grate setup creates a larger cooking area and varying height levels for different temperature ranges, allowing you to grill whatever you want however you want. It comes with two half-moon cooking grids and two half-moon heat deflectors.

best 5 kamado grills

5. Accessories

Broil King Keg 5000 Steel Charcoal Kamado Grill
Broil King Keg 5000 Steel Charcoal Kamado Grill

Though most Kamado grills are fairly similar in specification and performance, one area they differ is the kind of accessories they include, which can make a world of difference in terms of usefulness and flexibility. Pay careful attention to the frills when you’re evaluating the overall value of a grill. 

The Broil King Keg 5000, for example, includes a removable slide-out ash container for quick and easy clean-up as well as a removable chrome-plated secondary rack that can be rotated out of the way for easy access to the lower cast-iron cooking grate. 

If you’re looking for a more elaborate system, Kamado Joe’s Big Joe III comes with a variety of cool extras such as a grate gripper, ash tool, the 3-tier Divide & Conquer cooking system (flexible cooking rack, accessory rack, two half-moon cooking grids and two half-moon heat deflectors), and a SloRoller insert developed by researchers at Harvard, which provides even distribution of heat and smoke by promoting a rolling and recirculating flow inside the Kamado.

6. Warranty

Coyote Asado Ceramic Grill
Coyote Asado Ceramic Grill

Kamado grills can be relatively expensive, which is why choosing one with a good warranty is essential for peace of mind. You don’t want to end up with a lemon that’s going to rack up repair bills before it’s even a couple of years old.

The Coyote Asado Ceramic Grill and Kamado Joe’s Big Joe IIBig Joe III, and Joe Jr all come with a lifetime warranty on all ceramic parts while the Broil King Keg 5000 Steel Grill includes a 10-year warranty on the body of the grill and a 2-year warranty on the cooking grates, remaining parts, and paint. 

There are a variety of factors to consider when shopping for a Kamado grill, but it all boils down to a simple matter of priorities and how much you’re looking to spend.

We hope this buyer’s guide inspires some ideas for the perfect grill for your summer plans.

best 5 kamado grills

What is a Kamado?

Kamado Joe Big Joe II 24-Inch Dual cooking area
Kamado Joe Big Joe II 24-Inch

Are you ready to dive into the world of Kamado-style cooking? The Kamado is an ancient Japanese ceramic grill design that has become one of the fastest growing trends within the grilling community. In this article, we will show you what a kamado is, provide tips and tricks on how to use it as well show you the benefits of using one.

What is a Kamado grill?

A Kamado is a Japanese term for a round ceramic or clay cooking vessel that uses charcoal as its primary source of fuel, with the addition of wood for smoking. Amazingly kamado use dates back more than 3,000 years!

Modern kamado brands use a combination of terracotta, high-temperature ceramics, and crushed lava rock to make a grill that can tolerate temperatures that are more than 750⁰F without cracking from the severe heat or temperature fluctuations.

Kamado fuel source

The Kamado is only fueled by charcoal which comes in two main types briquettes or lump charcoal.  Briquettes are cheaper to buy but they don’t produce a lot of heat, especially compared to how much ash they create. It is more expensive to buy lump charcoal but it is considered a much better option since you can cook for longer periods, it heats up very fast and it can maintain high temperatures for long hours.

Tips & tricks of using a Kamado grill

Lighting up the Kamado

There are at least two viable methods of lighting up the Kamado. The first is by using an electric starter which may be quite pricey but you won’t have the headache of frequently buying new tinder.  This method works by leaving the grill’s lid and air vents open, the charcoal is placed in the firebox, and the electric starter can be put on the charcoal. 

You can also use lighter cubes to fire up the charcoal which is the cheaper method. You only need to open the lid and the air vents, add some charcoal to the firebox, and a lighter cube. Once the charcoal turns grey, close the lid for the grill to rise to the desired temperatures.

best 5 kamado grills

Controlling the temperature

Once your kamado is fired up, it gets warmer and warmer as time goes by. So to control and keep the temperature at the desired level you need to learn how to control the airflow. The more oxygen you let into the kamado the higher the temperatures get since the charcoal is burning faster and vice versa. 

If for example, you want to grill for a long period at low temperatures, you initially put a little amount of charcoal in the firebox and continue adding as you go. The grill’s lid should always be closed when you start grilling to maintain the desired temperatures. You may open the lid every once in a while to check on your meat but be conscious that this will drop the temperature.

Another way of controlling temperature is by having multiple heating zones where you place charcoal on different zones of the firebox. The closer the meat is to the heat, the faster it will cook. This means you can simultaneously cook a meal that requires slower cooking with less heat at the same time as one that requires higher temperatures and fast cooking.

What can you cook in a Kamado?

Most people would agree that ceramic grills are among the best types of grills to cook with. They are highly versatile as you can pretty much grill, smoke, and bake anything you like. Among the best things you can cook on your Kamado are; chicken, steak, burgers, pizza, ribs, briskets, sweet potatoes, and so much more. Check out these recipes and try them out on your Kamado.

Benefits of using a Kamado grill

  • Excellent heat retention: Ceramic grills insulation is so strong that almost no heat is lost when cooking.
  • Fuel efficiency: The ceramic walls of the kamado grill are poor heat conductors therefore most heat is preserved making it use less fuel.
  • Versatile cooking: With the help of certain accessories, Kamado grills are capable of grilling, smoking, and baking.
  • Minimal moisture loss: Once you put the right settings on the air vent, the food becomes insulated from any dry air thereby keeping it moist and succulent.
  • Amazing flavor: Kamado grills infuse the food with a delicious flavor, especially if you add wood chips to ramp up the smokiness. 


Kamado grills have evolved for thousands of years and to this day they still rely on the amazing heat retention properties of ceramics and the Japanese venting systems called mushikamado. These qualities make a Kamado of today an all-in-one versatile grill that can bake, grill, smoke, and sear. 

As you get more and more comfortable with your Kamado grill, you will be stunned at all the kinds of foods this grill can make. Kamado tends to be quite pricey but the amazing results of this style of cooking are worth every bit of your dollar.

best 5 kamado grills