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Coyote S-Series 30-Inch 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill With RapidSear Infrared Burner & Rotisserie

Product review – Coyote S-Series 30-Inch 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill

  1. Coyote S-Series Overview
  2. Product Features
  3. The Pros
  4. The Cons
  5. Conclusion

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Coyote S-Series 30-Inch Overview

The astonishing Coyote S-Series Propane Gas Grill integrates all the function and the needed power of a top-notch luxury grill with the desired durability of the well-known Coyote grill. The 30-Inch 3-Burner freestanding propane gas grill differs from the others because of its 18 gauge construction made of 304-grade stainless steel. It features a double-walled canopy as well as an unceasingly hand-welded grill box with its flawless edges.

This propane gas grill offers one-of-a-kind ceramic briquette trays, which decrease flare-ups and spread heat evenly across the 700-square inch cooking area. Two, long-lasting cast Infinity burners, made of stainless steel, and one RapidSear Infrared burner, power the Coyote S-Series Gas grill. They both can deliver up to 55 000 BTUs of cooking power.

You can truly appreciate expanded grilling options by using the 15 000 BTUs Infrared back rotisserie burner in order to cook the best juicy, slow-roasted meals. Bring your cooking to the next level with the included smoker box. With its help, you can suffuse the delicious smoke flavor with your tasty grilled food.

Coyote S-Series 30-Inch Overview

An innovative push and turn, easy to use ignition system lights the burners. The Coyote S-Series propane gas grill’s internal halogen lights will allow you to grill at night with no problem. The Coyote grill comes along with unique and sports stylish orange LED lighted control knobs.

This Premium Coyote grill features a removable warming rack, which is ideal for keeping your food warm and heated until you serve it. Due to the integrated thermometer inside your grill, you can very easily monitor its temperature.

Two storage drawers and fold-down shelving are included with the grill, which adds extra working space to your grilling and cooking area. The Coyote S-Series Propane Gas grill has a self-closing door, which ensures easy closure. The drawers and the cart door are ideal for storing your BBQ tools and grilling accessories because they provide ample storage space.

The cart is also equipped with industrial-style, locking wheel casters for maximum comfort and portability. It even comes fully assembled so you can start barbecuing and grilling on the spot!

Product Features

Product Information:

  •   Model Number: C2SL30LP-FS
  •   UPC: 653341984104

Key Features:

  •   Ceramic briquette trays that spread the heat evenly across the grilling surface
  •   700-square inch cooking surface
  •   Stylish orange LED lighted control knobs
  •   Internal halogen lights, which allow you to grill at night
  •   Features a removable warming rack
  •   Rotisserie system with back Infrared burner, which is ideal for slow-roasted meals
  •   Overall 55 000 BTUs of cooking power.
  •   Features an integrated thermometer
  •   304 Stainless Steel Construction


  •   Width: 58 inches
  •   Depth: 25.5 inches
  •   Height: 49.25 inches
  •   Weight: 130 pounds


  •   Class: Premium
  •   Fuel type: Propane Gas
  •   Exterior Material: Stainless Steel
  •   Primary Color: Stainless Steel
  •   Configuration: Freestanding
  •   Collection: S-Series


Coyote Outdoor warrants and guarantees that each product is free from defects in workmanship and materials on the Stainless Steel frame and housing and the Stainless Steel Burners. These are warranted for the lifetime of the original purchaser. The cooking grids are warranted for five years. All the electric and plastic components, as well as the flavorizer bars, are warranted for two years. The ignition systems and the valves are warranted for one year. The labor is not included in the warranty.

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The Pros

The Coyote S-Series Propane Gas Grill is one incredible Premium class grill. It just offers so much to the customer!

The grill comes with a total of 700-square inch cooking surface, which can hold up to 20 burgers! The overall cooking power of 55 000 BTUs is just astounding.

Another great feature is the LED lighted control knobs and the internal halogen lights, which make cooking at night just as easy as during the day.

The grill being made almost entirely out of 304 Stainless Steel is a great sign for its longevity.

Probably one of the main pros of this Propane Gas grill is its rear Infrared burner, which is ideal for slow-roasted meals.  

The grill even arrives installed on the cart, which makes the setup super easy.

The grill is warranted with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which keeps all the Stainless Steel parts warranted for life. The cooking grids are warranted for 5 years, while all the electric and plastic parts, as well as the flavorizer bars, are warranted for 5 years. Both the valves and the ignition systems are warranted for 1 year. This warranty is a great indicator that you are spending your money on the right grill.

The Cons

The only con with this project might be with its warranty because as we have already mentioned the labor is not included in it and both the ignition systems and the valves are warranted only for one year.


Coyote S-Series 30-Inch 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill has a solid build and is one of the best choices, which is suitable for preparing all kinds of meals, whether barbecued, smoked, seared, baked or braised. Do not hesitate! Give the Coyote grill a chance and create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams with this amazing grill that not only will last but will offer you a miraculous performance as well.

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