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Coyote Asado vs Kamado Joe

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The Coyote Asado is a kamado-style smoker and grill that is built with heavy ceramic walls. It is a free-standing quality grill that works perfectly even in freezing weather. Its ceramic structure ensures that heat is securely trapped inside once you shut its lid to let your meat cook slowly for hours. It comes in a solid shiny black color that shows you mean business and has stainless steel legs with locking casters.

The Kamado Joe line of smokers borrows from ancient Japanese designs but is instead made of ceramic materials. It is a perfect outdoor grill and smoker for entertaining your family and friends any time of the day or night. You can slow cook for long hours at low temperatures without having to worry about heat loss as the thick ceramic walls are great heat trappers. It is also free-standing and very easy to use and set up.

Available Models

Coyote Asado

Coyote Asado

Currently, the Coyote Asado only has one model that can be bought as a free-standing grill or one with side shelves and a cart. You can feel confident about making five-star smoked everything (the sky’s the limit) for your family or when entertaining friends. Its features include;

  • 254 square inches of searing, smoking, and grilling area
  • Signature cooking grate that is diamond cut for nice sear lines on your meat
  • It requires little attention unlike traditional smokers and maintains constant temperatures for long hours
  • It is built from high-quality ceramics for superb temperature consistency and heat retention
  • It allows you to precisely control temperatures thanks to its dual vent airflow system
  • It has heavy-duty casters and a stainless steel cart for mobility as well as folding side shelves
  • You can opt to use Coyote lump charcoal made from hickory and American oak which have little ash and great flavors

Kamado Joe

The Kamado Joe grills come in various categories and sizes and you can cook different food types with them. You can bake, grill, and smoke and they are known to be very fuel-efficient. You can also go for different versions e.g. with or without stands and carts. The largest Kamado Joe comes with a 24-inch cooking area and the smallest being 13 inches. Read on to see the main features of the Kamado Joe products.

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Kamado Joe Big Joe II and III

If you like to entertain large crowds or have a big family you can choose either of these two smokers. They allow you to smoke or grill three racks of slow and low heat cooked ribs and have a signature Divide and Conquer system of cooking. Other shared features of the Kamado II and III include:

  • 24-inch cooking area that is about 452 square inches 
  • They have a heat range of 225⁰F to 775⁰F
  • Each has an airlift hinge for its lid therefore no more banging or heavy lifting
  • Heavy-duty rolling cart with galvanized steel
  • Built-in thermometer
  • AMP FireBox and ash tool
  • Divide and conquer cooking style
  • Folding side shelves
  • Slideout ashtray
  • Big lid thermometer
  • Locking latch made of stainless steel
  • Multifunctional control tower
  • Grate gripper
  • Fiberglass mesh gasket
  • Dutch oven and wok ring

The Kamado Big Joe III gets its name from the few upgrades it has from its predecessor the Kamado Joe II which are listed below;

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Kamado Joe Big Joe II 24-Inch Dual cooking area

Divide and conquer system: All Kamado Joes’ feature the Divide and Conquer system of cooking but the size of the Kamado Joe III is bigger. It features a three-tier system while its predecessor has a two-tier system. This means that you have more room to cook for a bigger crowd.

Grill Cart: Kamado Joe III comes with a much heavier upgrade of the grill cart with the striking difference being the extra storage beneath it. Note that the Kamado Joe II cannot fit in the upgraded cart.

Charcoal basket: Both Kamado Joe II and III come standard with the charcoal basket. You can hook the charcoal basket onto the Divide & Conquer Flexible system for easy lifting.

Side Shelves: Both these two Kamados come with side shelves but the materials are different. The Kamado Joe III has powder-coated aluminum shelves, which are more durable, and attractive than the Kamado Joe II plastic HDPE shelves. They have the same size shelves and can be upgraded to the second generation.

Kamado Joe Classic Joe I and II

Kamado Joe Big Joe II 24-Inch Ceramic Plates

Kamado Joe Classic Joe I and II are the other two lineups in the Kamado Joe family. They come with numerous similar features however the Classic II is more advanced than the predecessor. All similar features of the Classic Joe I & II include;

  • 2 level Divide and Conquer cooking system
  • Slide-out ashtray
  • A thick ceramic build
  • Stainless steel grates
  • AMP Firebox
  • Optional accessories
  • HDPE folding side shelves
  • Locking wheels and steel cart

The Classic Joe II comes with improved technology and features that will make your grilling experience even better. These include;

Air Lift Hinge: If you’ve used the first generation, Classic Joe, you know the lid can be quite heavy to your hands. The Air Lift Hinge makes it easy to handle the lid as its weight has been reduced by over 90%. You can use your finger to open it.

All-Weather Kontrol Tower: The Classic Joe II features a new all-weather Kontrol Tower that does not shift whenever you’re opening or closing the lid. This helps you to better control the smoke around your meat since you won’t have to be adjusting it every other time.

Stainless steel latch and Fiber Gasket: The Classic Joe II comes with best-in-class wire mesh fiberglass that can last you up to 10 years. It also has a new stainless steel latch that gives the grill a tighter seal which brings more heat and moisture retention.

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Differences Between Coyote Vs Kamado Joe

best kamado grills

The Kamado beats the Coyote when it comes to certain features we haven’t seen yet with the Coyote such as the airlift hinge, SloRoller, and the Joetisserie.  Space wise they are very similar as the Kamado Joe Classic Joe II measures 256 square inches while the Coyote has 254. 

Either of the products discussed will give you a memorable smoking, high heat searing or even baking experience. The Coyote is a new entrant and scores high on price, durability, and ease of use. Both the Coyote and Kamado Joe are made of heavy-duty ceramic with excellent heat retention and are made to give you a superb smoking experience.

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