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Buyers Guide: Napoleon Rogue XT 525 SIB Propane Gas Grill with Infrared Side Burner

Buyers Guide: Napoleon Rogue XT 525

  1. Product Features
  2. Product Specifications
  3. Product Dimensions
  4. Pros of Buying a Napoleon Rogue XT 525
  5. Cons of Buying A Napoleon Rogue XT 525
  6. Warranty Information
  7. Conclusion

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The Napoleon Rogue XT 525 SIB propane gas grill is a bulky, durable, and easy-to-look-after gas grill that will make the life of a pitmaster stress-free and fun. It features four main burners, cast grids, stainless steel searing plates, and a high top lid.  Making gourmet meals has never been easier with this grill since it has everything you need.

The grill lets you perfectly sear restaurant-style steaks thanks to its integrated sizzle zone side burner which uses infrared burners with the added benefits of lots of working space because of its large side shelves. The porcelain coated, cast iron grilling grates deliver the famous Napoleon sear line curves.  

There’s even the option to swap out the sear plates for a smoke box, adding to the versatility of this grill!

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Product Features

  • The Napoleon Rogue XT 525 gas grill comes with four main burners made of stainless steel and an infrared sear station.
  • It has a total grilling area of 805 sq. in. 
  • It comes with porcelainized cast iron which provides even heat in the grill and a perfect sear on your food.
  • It is made of pure stainless steel therefore rust will not be a problem and its durability is unmatched.
  • The integrated searing station uses infrared heat to produce excellent steakhouse-style steaks and is also perfect for preparing side dishes and sauces.
  • It has foldable side shelves which makes it easy to store when it’s not in use.
  • It has a Jetfire ignition system which once pressed lights up the grill immediately. This system is battery-free and therefore failsafe.
  • The distinct wave-shaped cooking grids enable even heating within the grill, create excellent sear marks on your steak and also prevent food from falling through.
  • The two-level stainless steel searing plates protect the stainless steel burner tubes from damage, catch and obliterate any drippings from food keeping the grill cleaner.
  • It comes with an ACCU-PROBE thermometer and has easy to lock caster wheels for portability.

Product Specifications

  • Total cooking area:        805 sq. in
  • Fuel type:                        Propane
  • Side Burner included:    Infrared
  • Max BTU on burners:    57,000 BTU’s
  • No. of main burners:     4
  • Total no. burners:          5
  • Side / front shelf:           Folding
  • Grill wheels:                    4

Product Dimensions

    • Width: 60.5″
    • Depth: 25″
    • Height: 48.5″
    • Weight: 157 lbs.

Pros of Buying a Napoleon Rogue XT 525

Stainless steel smoker box: This accessory replaces the grill’s sear plates turning your gas grill into a smoker where you can now enjoy the flavor and fun of wood smoke on your briskets.

Classic sear marks: The porcelain-coated, classic-shaped cooking grids provide an excellent sear and an even transfer of heat.

Durability: The Napoleon Rogue XT 525 offers superior resistance to rust thanks to its cast aluminum firebox which makes it virtually indestructible & therefore long-lasting. 

Foldable prep area: You can easily store your grill away without needing extra space due to the foldable side shelves.

Integrated hooks for tools: You can conveniently keep your tools close at hand on each side shelf while retaining a dirt-free prep area.

Cons of Buying the Napoleon Rogue XT 525

No Rotisserie: With the size of this grill, you would expect that the manufacturer would incorporate the rotisserie function but that is not the case as you have to buy the kit separately as an accessory.

Cost: The cost of the Napoleon XT 525 gas grill is upwards of $1,000 which is on the higher side compared to other grills.  However, the durability & features tend to justify the price tag.

Warranty information

Napoleon provides a long 15-year warranty for all Rogue XT gas grills against material defects and poor workmanship on all the main components including the stainless steel cover, the hood, porcelain enamel cover, stainless steel cooking grates, aluminum castings, stainless steel tube burners, Porcelain enamel cast iron grates, stainless steel sear plates, infrared side burners, stainless steel infrared rotisserie, and all the other parts.

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The Napoleon Rogue XT 525 grill is a great choice for many pitmasters, with far more pros than cons. Its price justifies the quality of its finish, its durability, and its compactness. It would make a great addition to your deck or patio and makes cooking delicious food for friends & family a breeze.

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