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Buyers Guide: Alfresco ALXE 56-Inch Propane Gas Freestanding Deluxe Grill

Alfresco ALXE 56-Inch Propane Gas Freestanding Deluxe Grill - ALXE-56SZC-LP

The Alfresco Freestanding Deluxe Grill combines professional grilling results and restaurant-like luxury. With its ALXE grill, it is the perfect fit for your outdoor kitchen. This amazing 56-inch cart gas grill features high-temperature, stainless steel and titanium blend burners and a ceramic sear zone burner. Each of them produces 27,500 BTUs – a total of 82,500 BTUs of cooking power. The Alfresco Deluxe grill also has an integrated rotisserie system, which boasts a 18,500 BTU rear ceramic burner. There is also an extremely silent motor with a chain-driven spit that has 120 pounds of turning torque. The stainless steel rotisserie spit rod can be stored under the bullnose of the drip tray when you are not using it. 

This astonishing grill even comes with a 5,000 BTU smoker system. It has a stainless steel burner, which ejects smoke at 200 degrees onto your grill. But that is not all! The ALXE has a smoker drawer where you can store your vegetables, herbs or even wood chunks. The drawer is sealed as well so you can even store liquids there. 

Alfresco ALXE 56-Inch

The ceramic briquettes have a unique pyramid shape, which eliminates all the hot spots and maximizes your flavor because they deliver heat evenly to the cooking surface. The air-cooled front control panel will keep your knobs cool while you are grilling. This way both your equipment and your hands are protected from the high heat. Plus the electrical wires of the grill are protected by 600-degree heat-resistant silicone sleeves. 

The Alfresco Freestanding Deluxe Grill has a roomy 770 square inches of grilling area, a flexible 3-position warming rack, double-lined hood for maximum durability, heavy-duty rolled stainless steel cooking grids for perfect cooking and a 56-inch grill cart with not one but two access doors and dual storage drawers.

This cart grill has also rich LED lights on the front panel, a stainless steel push-button for ignition, exclusive lighting and rotisserie controls, nickel-plated designed knobs and bezels and a brand-new torsion spring-assisted hood system! It even comes with a grill cover.

In addition, this grill features SafeTouch technology, an adjustable 3-position warming rack and hood assist for easier lifting.

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Product Features

Product Information:

  • Model Number: ALXE-56SZC-LP
  • UPC: 810016420385

Key Features:

  • This amazing grill is made in the USA using 304 stainless steel
  • It is quality and durable
  • Its integrated rotisserie system can support up to 120 lbs of meat
  • Has a hood-assisting system for easier lifting
  • Has cooling panels, which keeps your knobs cool
  • Its 5,000 BTU Smoker is a great addition 
  • Optional Infrared Sear Zone
  • A user-friendly push-button for ignition
  • 3 x 18-SR stainless steel main burners, that produce 82,500 BTUs


  • Width: 80.0625 inches
  • Depth: 28.25 inches
  • Height: 51.1875 inches
  • Weight: 547 lbs


  • Class: Luxury
  • Fuel type: Propane
  • Exterior Material: Stainless Steel
  • Primary Color: Stainless Steel
  • Configuration: Freestanding
  • Collection: ALXE


It contains a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers defects in the manufacturer’s materials and their workmanship. The inside of the grill – the drip pans, the stainless steel briquette trays and the grill gates are warranted for a period of 5 years. All other components are warranted for 1 year.

The Pros

This astounding grill is designed for everybody who loves quality, versatility and convenience. The ALXE 56-inch is made almost entirely from stainless steel which helps extend its longevity.

The grill offers a lot of cooking space, which can be expanded even more! The rotisserie system can support up to 120 lbs of meat.

One of the main pros of the product is its 5,000 BTU smoker that infuses your food with extra flavor and all the benefits of a smoker, combined with a grill.

Alfresco as well offers one of the best warranties in the industry, with a lifetime warranty for the stainless steel components and burners of the grill, a 5-year warranty for the inside parts of the grill and a 1-year warranty for everything else.

The Cons

There is only one con to the Alfresco ALXE, which is that there are limited options for cooking on low temperatures.  Not always an issue if you’re purchasing a gas grill (rather than a charcoal grill or smoker) but we want to mention it.  The good news is that with the smoker box, you can still infuse the smoky flavor.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a top-notch, elegant and quality grill, then Alfresco ALXE 56-inch Propane Gas is the perfect freestanding deluxe grill for you!

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