Top 5 Grills

About Us

Top 5 Grills is a group of experts who review grills & grilling related products, highlighting the best features of each product, along with a verified review, so you don’t have to spend your precious time on research.

How we do reviews?

We’re trying to be as objective as possible.

The reviews are all independent and the products are chosen based on the overall star rating & total number of reviews.

We read through all the verified online reviews to ascertain quality, features & any major negatives.  We also read through the feature list for each product to be able to match features with reviews.  If (and only if) all of this matches, will we include a product on one of our top 5 lists.

We are trying to avoid what other websites are doing.  Very often we see products being recommended that don’t have the volume or quality of verified purchaser reviews.

By including a list of features & specifications, along with the star rating & a verified purchaser review, it means you can make an educated buying decision.

We are independent.

There’s no big website or company behind us to tell us what to do and which products to promote.  We’re a small team who do all the fact checking, product comparison & copywriting ourselves.  

In reality, many of the bigger websites aren’t all that objective in their product recommendations or ratings and that’s because there are different financial incentives or targets to achieve.  

We don’t have any of that.  While we may make a small commission if you purchase a product, this does not vary & therefore does not influence the ranking order or product choices displayed.  We want you to quickly find out the most important information before purchasing so that you can make an informed decision & that’s our number one priority.